We take pride in being a flexible and mobile company. We believe in an equal status of all parties involved in the process. We favour a flat structure and our own custom software. All this allows us to offer services of unparalleled quality.

We have worked with the ebook market for more than five years. We have founded Hachi Media as a place to create beautiful and usable ebooks and to develop and test our newest ideas on how to make it even better.

Our team works remotely, from wherever they want in the world. At Hachi Media, we rarely feel at work. We work hard to make our company a comfortable place for the whole team.

Our Values

Hachi Media is a place where we make our own vision of business come true. We think of our studio as a counterexample to monolithic and faceless corporations.

We devote much of our attention to transparency within our studio and within communication with our Clients. We try and shorten the path each information has to travel at Hachi Media. That is why every interested party has access to all information concerning their books. Clients can contact all the people involved in creating their product directly. To hell with forwarding your emails infinitely!

We respect our Clients and their time. We follow the agreed schedule very thoroughly and clearly communicate any necessary changes before they happen.

This approach makes us not anonymous for our clients, and they – for us. We care not only for a high-quality source code of our ebooks but also for great relations with our Clients. Thanks to these values, we have gained the trust of top-selling publishing houses.