We have processed over 2100 books in ePub and Mobi formats. Below we list some of our newest products.

Nie do pary
To nie jest hip-hop. Rozmowy
Mechanizm rytualny
Król wron


Wydawnictwo Albatros
Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
Wydawnictwo PZWL
Lodz Film School
University of Warsaw
Wydawnictwo WAM
Egmont Publishing
The National Digital Archives
Wydawnictwo Siedmioróg
Wydawnictwo Arbitror
Laboratorium EE

Case Studies

“The Old Axolotl”

Hachi Media created “The Old Axolotl” – the newest novel by Jacek Dukaj. It is the first title on the Polish market to be published as an ebook only and is available in three formats in two languages. For the publisher – Grupa Allegro – we crafted the Polish- and English-language versions in ePub 3.0, Mobi and PDF formats.

“The Old Axolotl” was a project of unique scale and innovativeness. The story progresses on multiple levels, and we modelled that in the structure of the book as well: there are numerous hyperlinks, interactive pop-ups with additional text and rich illustrations.

Usually, it’s the printed book that serves as a template for the ebook. Now, however, the story has changed: we first crafted the highly interactive, rich ePub file and typeset the PDF files to imitate the original ePub files as closely as possible. We aimed to make all three formats resemble each other as closely as possible and at the same time take advantage of the unique features that every format has to offer.

“The Old Axolotl” premiered in 2015 and was the biggest event in the Polish publishing market that year.

Copyright to the “The Old Axolotl” title and trademark belongs to Grupa Allegro Sp. z o.o. Hachi Media was responsible for creating the ePub 3.0, Mobi and PDF files.

Technical and Medical Textbooks

We create computer science and medical handbooks for the PWN Polish Scientific Publishers and the PZWL Medical Publishing House. Having created dozens of such textbooks, we have mastered the conversion of mathematical and chemical formulas, source code listing, and large tables and illustrations.

We take pride in the fact that our clients entrusted us with creating the ebooks that are used by Polish medicine students, professors and professionals. All processed titles are carefully scrutinized and undergo a complex quality-assurance process both at Hachi Media and at the publishers.

Even though the content and layout of such publications are challenging enough, we still pay attention to making them functional, aesthetically pleasing and similar to their printed counterparts. All book series are carefully created using templates to ensure that individual titles follow the same branding rules.

Prawo rzymskie. U podstaw prawa prywatnego
Epoka człowieka. Retoryka i marazm antropocenu
Cztery przyszłości. Wizje świata po kapitalizmie
Atlas hematologiczny z elementami diagnostyki
Opiekun medyczny w praktyce

Ebooks for Younger Readers

Typesetting books for the youngest readers is a big responsibility as well as a thrilling challenge. These books have to have an appealing visual design, in order to attract the child’s attention, and at the same time be perfectly typeset and proofread in order to be used by those who are just learning how to read.

We are working with the leading publishers of children’s literature, and we need to deliver the highest-quality products every day in order to meet the requirements of the youngest readers and primary school pupils. Hachi Media is responsible for typesetting ePub and Mobi books for Egmont Polska and converting to ebook formats the reading texts required by the Polish educational system published by Siedmioróg Publishing House.

Copyright to the “Mały książe” title and trademark belongs to Wydawnictwo Siedmioróg. Copyright to the “Teoria pana Alberta” title and trademark belongs to Egmont Polska. Hachi Media was responsible for creating the ePub 3.0 and Mobi files.

Basia i przyjaciele. Titi
Droga Mocy
Figle w Fokarium
Les voyages de Gulliver
Znak Zorro
Pies Baskerville’ów

Individual Workflows

Wydawnictwo Albatros chose our services due to a specific file format used in their publishing process.

At Hachi Media we have developed an individual conversion workflow solely for the needs of this publisher. Thanks to that, we can guarantee conversion services of quality and turnaround time unavailable at any other DTP studio.

Copyright to “The Bourne Imperative” and “It” titles and trademarks belong to Albatros Andrzej Kuryłowicz s.c. Hachi Media was responsible for creating the ePub 3.0 and Mobi files.

Sekretne życie pisarzy
Najgorętsza plaża w Finlandii
Była sobie rzeka
Papierowa dziewczyna
Prawda. Krótka historia wciskania kitu
Lista Schindlera

Pop-up Footnotes

Since ebooks are not divided into pages in the classical sense, it is impossible to type footnotes at the bottom of the screen. The de facto standard has been to typeset them as hyperlinked endnotes.

The alternative solution that Hachi Media developed in 2014 is to typeset footnotes as links which open a pop-up when clicked. The contents of the note are then displayed without redirecting the user to another chapter of the book. This solution is more usable in as much as it does not interrupt the reader’s main train of thought. Also, such a solution allows to model other additional content to be displayed in a similar way and so enriches the ebook experience.

Our solution is compatible with all e-readers and does not require ePub 3.0 format compatibility. Newer devices display the notes in a pop-up, whereas older devices fall back nicely into using the traditional endnote-link approach.

This is just one of our latest inventions pushing toward using all ePub 3.0 features in files created at Hachi Media.

Copyright to the “Rozeznawanie duchów” title and trademark belongs to Wydawnictwo WAM. Hachi Media was responsible for creating the ePub 3.0 and Mobi files.

Opowieść pielgrzyma wyd. 4
Opowiem ci kawał. Życie ludzkie od zabawnej strony
Wanda Półtawska. Biografia z charakterem
Krzysztof Klenczon. Historia jednej znajomości
Służba zdrowia. Jak pokonać chory system

Many Languages

At Hachi Media we create books for publishers from all around the world and in many languages. We have worked with texts in English, Swedish, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Working in different languages does not just involve working with different letters. We have an in-depth understanding of the correct punctuation, transcriptions, diacritical and tonal marks each language requires.

While polishing an ebook we also pay special attention to fonts – we choose font faces that support all ligature features required by the specific text, are clearly legible and can be legally embedded in the ebook file.

We can also create ebooks that follow the traditional vertical text orientation (tategaki) in East Asian languages. The characters flow in columns top-to-bottom, right-to-left, and the pages also progress right-to-left.

Free Services for NGOs and PBOs

At Hachi Media we believe that words not only describe the reality we all live in but also create it. We believe that books provide not only a pleasurable pastime and a source of knowledge but also a real tool for social dialogue and development.

Each month we reserve time for creating a number of free ebooks for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other public benefit organizations (PBOs), in order to help with their mission. If you are a part of such an organization, contact us. We will do our best to make your free publications accessible to a wider range of readers.

Fundacja Pole Dialogu
Kampania Przeciw Homofobii
Towarzystwo Edukacji Antydyskryminacyjnej
Z klasą o kulturze
Narady obywatelskie
Pole do działania
Młodzi i ich czas wolny
Lekcja równości. Jak prowadzić działania antydyskryminacyjne w szkołach
Szkoła równości. Dziennik praktyk