What We Do

Hachi Media is a DTP studio specialising in ebook production: converting Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Cyfroset and PDF files into ePub and Mobi formats as well as print-book typesetting (DTP).

We create electronic and print books and can assist you at each step of the book-making process, starting at working with manuscripts and ending at advanced conversion to ePub and Mobi ebooks. If you need help with any other book-related services, do not hesitate to contact us for an individual quote.

ePub and Mobi Conversion

We create beautiful, accessible and functional ebooks. We manage and typeset even the most complicated mathematical formulas, tables and code listings.

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DTP Services

We anticipate and plan ebook conversion as soon as we start typesetting the printed version of any book. That way, we can execute the process seamlessly and quickly.

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PDF Conversion

Not every book looks perfect as an ePub and Mobi file. In such cases, we create interactive PDF files instead.

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Who We Are

Hachi Media is a DTP studio specialising in ebook conversion (ePub and Mobi) and book typesetting.

We are passionate about ebooks. We enjoy creating beautifully typeset and highly functional ebooks we would love to read ourselves.

We welcome challenges. We have experience in typesetting the most difficult types of publications. Thanks to our own software, we are positive we will successfully deliver against expectations.

We offer comprehensive services for publishers. We can assist with each step of the traditional paper book-making process, from working with manuscripts through to producing complex ebooks. Our team includes experts in typesetting, ebook conversion and software engineers.

Our Values

What Makes Our Services Unique

High Quality

We have extensive professional experience in the ebook market. We have created numerous scientific and medical textbooks, cookbooks, children’s books and novels in languages as complex as Chinese.

Quick Turnaround

We do not follow a fixed turnaround time. Some books are ready within a couple of hours of uploading the production files. Efficient communication is crucial to our work, so we answer emails very quickly.

Unique Skills

Our team includes experts in software engineering, print-book DTP and proofreading. We know a good book when we see it, and we know how to manufacture one.

Custom Solutions

We work on software we created ourselves. This enables us to implement new, innovative features easily and quickly.

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